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Its truly simple, Trae Majors Productions is the place where perspective meets creativity. We turn ideas into visual miracles, always filling up every frame with quality artsy and technique. We are located but not limited too the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Specializing in professional videography, photography and music sound design. Although we love everything about photography and producing professional standard videos, we aim to help smaller business brand themselves and give their precious projects an identity in this forever stream of social media. If you are searching for a perfect marketing team, look no further. 

We pride ourselves on our capability to provide a 3 stop shop. Trae Majors Productions is meant to produce high quality photographs to make sure your best moments come with a time stamp. we've gained popularity through our stunning portrait collaborations but commerce product photography is everything you could possibly need.

Trae Majors Productions is particularly motivated by the protection of mother earth and its energy to inspire the people on it. As nature continues to struggle against its fight with humanity, We try to even the playing field by planting 1 tree for every booked and paid project we accomplish to complete. 


Trae Majors

Let’s Work Together

As we begin our journey into the film industry and continuing to share our love for photography with the world, we are always looking for refreshing talented artist! Reach out to learn more on how to get involved and social media collaborations

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